Quality clothing for comfort and well-being. This is Descotis' DNA. Thanks to this know-how, our professional partners can express their talents and put relaxation at the heart of their projects, by developing together unique, aesthetic and resistant products. Feel free to contact us by filling out the form at the bottom of the page.

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When Charles Antoine Descotis founded the Ticket To The Moon brand in Bali in 1996 and created the first parachute canvas hammock in his workshop, his two main commitments were well-being and quality. Lightweight, comfortable and extremely strong, backpackers and travellers are quickly adopting this hammock. It becomes an essential part of their backpack and a reference in the outdoor world. Highly appreciated for its comfort and ease of use, the TTTM hammock seduces even in homes and gardens. Being a manufacturer means being able to respond to any inspiration and have more flexibility in your choices. Charles-Antoine Descotis is thus launching in his workshops the development of a new line of hammocks and accessories, designed around the house, in fabrics specially selected for their qualities, with colours and design that are definitely trendy. He signs it with his name. A hammock signed Descotis is not only a guarantee of quality but also a way of life, the art of indolence.

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Because each place and each dreamer has its own universe, we offer you the opportunity to create unique and original hammocks, tailor-made and customizable down to the last detail to satisfy the most demanding requests.

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