Sleek, elegant and refined, the Descotis collection is an introduction to travel. The one of indolence and imagination.

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When Charles Antoine Descotis founded the Ticket To The Moon brand in Bali in 1996 and created the first parachute canvas hammock in his workshop, his two main commitments were well-being and quality. Lightweight, comfortable and extremely strong, backpackers and travellers are quickly adopting this hammock. It becomes an essential part of their backpack and a reference in the outdoor world. Highly appreciated for its comfort and ease of use, the TTTM hammock seduces even in homes and gardens. Being a manufacturer means being able to respond to any inspiration and have more flexibility in your choices. Charles-Antoine Descotis is thus launching in his workshops the development of a new line of hammocks and accessories, designed around the house, in fabrics specially selected for their qualities, with colours and design that are definitely trendy. He signs it with his name. A hammock signed Descotis is not only a guarantee of quality but also a way of life, the art of indolence.


Every day our hammocks can be subjected to extreme conditions, whether due to use or weather. An innovative fabric, developed in collaboration with an Indonesian textile manufacturer, meets DESCOTIS' quality requirements: resistant, breathable, comfortable, antibacterial, safe and compliant with OEKO-TEX® Standard 100. The choice of ropes, hanging systems or zippers also benefits from our 23 years of experience and know-how in the demanding outdoor environment. We take particular care of our seams, first surrounding ourselves with a team of qualified craftsmen and imposing triple stitching as a standard on the most sensitive parts. Thanks to this expertise, we certify, for each product leaving our workshops, 10 years of manufacturing warranty. All this know-how is at the service of a concept from which we never deviate: comfort and well-being.

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While the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility has not yet been born, from the very beginning, our garment workshops have reduced their carbon footprint by recycling fabric waste to create useful and robust lines of bags and accessories. As an ethical manufacturer since the very beginning, we have maintained our efforts to pursue ecologically sustainable development. The unique management of our human resources and employees provides us with many benefits: dedication and commitment at all times, an unparalleled level of quality and a distribution of profits. This code of conduct allows us to remain true to our initial commitment to develop in a sustainable and responsible way in order to provide the greatest comfort to dreamers all over the world. Our foundation, created in 2009, reflects this human involvement.


For more than 20 years we have been developing and creating innovative and sustainable products, we also promote alternative and ecological lifestyles, sensitive to the major challenges of sustainability and fair production. Our foundation, created in 2009, reflects this human involvement. Two projects now reflect our action. The initial project is to support the Kodi Sumbanese tribe in eastern Indonesia. We have developed assistance programmes in the areas of health, education, culture and development and, so far, we have successfully helped the local community to build new infrastructure and educational facilities, malaria prevention programmes and access to safe drinking water. Since the last eruptions of Mount Agung, on the island of Bali, a new project has been initiated to help the local populations living on the slopes of this famous volcano. As tourism has deserted Mount Agung, this population has been left without economic resources. As part of a government plan to rehabilitate this protected region, we have created, in close collaboration with the inhabitants, an eco-responsible base camp offering activities such as trekking, climbing and mountain biking. Managed by themselves and with our support, the camp allows this local population to look forward to a brighter future. Entirely made of natural materials, it is able to accommodate nature lovers who wish to enjoy this wonderful volcano, symbol of the Balinese Spirit. We offer our business partners and other interested parties the same opportunity to help these remarkable individuals through corporate responsibility programs and donations. Descotis is proud to have been involved in this initiative from the beginning and continues to dedicate a significant portion of its net income to the Foundation.

Descovery 1
Young warrior during the Pasola, the main annual festival of the Kodi tribe on Sumba Island.
Descovery 2
Mountain bike trail on the slopes of Mount Agung, Bali Island.
Descovery 3
Plantations in front of part of the eco-responsible camp of Mount Agung.