Benefits of the hammock

The hammocks of the Descotis collection are designed in our workshops with the aim of creating products adapted to everyone and comfortable. Descotis hammocks provide complete relaxation and relief of joints. This product is ideal for dreamers from all over the world who love well-being, calm and relaxation. The Descotis collection also offers a suspended chair whose inclination can be adapted for the back, according to needs and desires. The Descotis chair allows the back and neck to enjoy a comfortable and soothing position, and has a footrest for a perfect nap, inside and out.


On holiday or simply after a long day, Descotis products call for rest and relaxation, while perfectly harmonizing with your interior furniture or gardens. Modern, innovative and contemporary, Descotis hammocks combine comfort and design while maintaining responsibility for the materials and their quality. Hand sewn in its garment workshops, the products are worked in detail to ensure optimal comfort and a feeling of total well-being that soothes all the pains of everyday life.

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