Hanging Chair
Descotis Descotis Descotis Descotis Descotis

A silk nylon seat and polished teak bars, the hanging chair bears the Descotis signature: a neat hand-finish for optimal comfort in the garden and the indoors. Comfortably installed in your chair, the footrest guarantees a state of well-being and total relaxation .

Chandra Hammock
Descotis Descotis Descotis Descotis Descotis

Iconic products of the brand, three hammocks launch the collection, in a nylon silk innovative fabric developed through a collaboration with an Indonesian textile manufacturer. It meets the quality requirements of DESCOTIS: resistant, breathable, comfortable, antibacterial, safe and complies with the Oeko-Tex 100 standard. The range includes 5 new colors of “Nature” shades.


‘No Plastic bags, please’ is a motto we try to live by, and so do our customer. Made with Descotis hammocks fabric scraps, the Swagbag is an elegant, modern and trendy bag, as compact as solid. The product line offers a color range of “bucket” reversible bags, combining 5 “Earth” nuances. They not only spare the planet thousands of plastic bags every year, they’re also ideal gifts for your eco-conscious family and friends.

About us

Ticket to the Moon, manufacturer since 1996 based in Bali , driving ever since a permanent consciousness or Social and Environmental Responsibility unveils today his new creations, signed DESCOTIS, named after its founder Charles-Antoine Descotis. Focused on everyone’s well-being, recognized worldwide for its products quality and technical know-
how, its strong DNA is also part of the success of this brand. Willing to bring Outdoor benefits to Indoor atmosphere, DESCOTIS signs here a brand new collection featuring quality silky fabrics with beauty of earth nuances; it also seduces and above all by the experience of relaxation and absolute comfort inviting to indolence and imaginary.

“More than ever, well-being has become a fundamental issue in today’s world. This well-being is our DNA, our source of inspiration for more than 20 years. We are happy and proud to present our new collection. Be bold, dare indolence.”

Charles Antoine Descotis

Our Manufacture

Hand-made in our atelier de confection, the Descotis collection comes from 25 years of experience and savoir-faire in demanding outdoor environments.

Today, we are proud to offer an innovative product: the comfort and quality of our hammocks are in perfect harmony with nature and elegantly highlight contemporary design interiors.

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